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Contact Manager

Keep all your contact information in one place

With our event planning software for professionals, you can manage all the contact information for all your clients, prospects, vendors, business peers and networking partners. Not only do we provide you with a comprehensive address book tool, but we also give you an activity manager to track tasks and information related to lead generation. And once you have entered a contact, you can give them access to your account (and control what they can see) so you can collaborate with them.

Access Levels

Control exactly who can see what in your account

Not only can you give staff, clients and contractors access to events in your account, but you can also control what areas these contacts can see. With this control, you can give people the access they need without disclosing confidential, proprietary or sensitive information regarding your business.

Manage your contacts with our event planner software

Our address book tool gives you all the tools and functions you expect from an electronic contact manager, but it goes beyond this by enabling you to track tasks and correspondence with contacts who are leads and to grant contacts permission to access certain information inside your events/jobs.

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