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Contract Manager

Store your legal language, create contracts and collect e-signatures.

Contracts are an important part of your relationship with your clients, and our online event planner program provides a way to manage and store your contracts so you always have acces to them. First, you can upload your legal language into contract templates. Then you can import that language into a contract and modify it to fit the purpose at hand. Finally, you can send it out to the signers to collect their electronic signatures (and provide all parties with a PDF of the signed contract). And you can then store it all for future reference.

Legal Contract Manager included in our event management software

Contracts always seem to be an afterthought ... until you really need one in place. Our event / wedding planner software provides you with a contract manager tool so you can more easily prepare your contracts and collect the signatures from the signing parties. Electronic signatures are becoming a more widely used form of finalizing an agreement, and they are becoming more widely accepted in many legal circles (consult your attorney to learn if electronic signatures are an accepted form of signing agreements in your area). Our tool lets you automate this process so you can more quickly collect signatures and save them securely.

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