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Personalize the look-and-feel of your account in a few minutes

If you run an event planning business or work for an event planning department within a larger organization, you know that it's vital to make a lasting first impression on clients, propsects, staff and partners (both internal and external). We want to help you do this by giving you the abiliy to choose a color theme and font for your account that matches your organization's brand. And you can also upload your logo and display it on your account dashboard and in all PDF downloads.


Create reusable templates to save you and your staff time and effort

There may be many occasions when you need to re-create a budget, proposal, to-do list, checklist or contract that you have used before and make minor changes to it. The template builder inside our online event and wedding planning software lets you either create a template from a previous project or event or create a new template on the fly so you can quickly import a template into a new project, make your necessary edits and be on your way. This way you aren't recreating the wheel for every event and can move on to other important matters.

Easily customize our event project management software

If you are going to use a online event planning program to collaborate with staff, clients and contractors, it needs to not only work like you need it to but it also needs to convey a professional appearance and reflect your organization's brand. Our project management program for event managers firms gives you the flexiblity to both customize the appearance of your account as well as create reusable templates so you can use the same budgets, itineraries, proposals, event details, to-do lists, checklists and legal contracts over and over again.

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