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Track guest lists and attendee counts with our online guest list manager


Event Guest List Manager

Track all your attendees, RSVPs and meal counts in one convenient place

Stop using time-consuming spreadsheets to track guests and try our simple, intuitive online guest list management tool. Import your guest names and contact information from a file, or enter them individually. Store contact information, notes and more for each guest. Pull together guests into families/groups. Add one or more +1's to each guest. Even create multiple lists for an event.

RSVP and Meal Count Tracking

Always know where your counts stand

Through our wedding and event guest list manager, you can easily track RSVPs and meal counts, too. Easily change the status of one attendee or batch changes together. Create meal options and quickly change the meal choice of one or more guests. And view it all in convenient screen counts or PDF reports.

Web-based Guest List Software App for Event and Wedding Planners

Guest and attendees lists are always in a state of flux. People are being added and subtracted. Attendance statuses change. Meal choices change. And, as always, counts seem to change up to the last minute. We understand this, so we have built a guest list manager that simplifies adding, updating and viewing this information so you can make decisions based on real-time, current attendee information. Besides our very visual tools, we also make it easy to change the status of attendees in bulk when you get RSVPs in batches. Oh, and our attendee management software tool also plugs into our event website so that you can collect responses directly online and they show up automatically in your guest list.