Always know what's happening in your events with dashboards and alerts

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Dashboards and Alerts

Stay in the know regarding your projects and business

When you log into your account, you first hit your daily review dashboard, which provides a picture of your upcoming calendar events and to-do's. In addition, it gives you a rundown on the recent activity that has happened in your account so you can keep tabs on who is doing what. And, with email notifications, you can receive alerts of when other users complete tasks as well as when calendar events and to-do's assigned to you are upcoming.

Daily Review Dashboard for Event and Wedding Planners

After logging into our event and wedding planner software application, you are instantly presented with a landing page that displays today's calendar events (pulled from your calendar), your to-do list and any contact actions that are schedules (like lead followups). Here (and on every page) you can also access our Help section that walks you through how to use each piece of our online software. In addition, inside each event, you can view an event dashboard with provides topline highlights of event details.

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