Track every RSVP and meal selection for all the events you are managing

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Event RSVP and Meal Tracking

Simplify how you track guest details and counts

You can track RSVPs for all events right in the guest list tool. Simply change a guest's status from "Has Not Responded" to "Yes" or "No" and add a meal choice if applicable. Or change the RSVP status of multiple guests at once. Or collect RSVPs via our event website builder tool. Plus, at the top of the guest list, just click a button and you'll see at-a-glance totals for RSVP counts for all the client's active events. And you can always print the guest list or download it to a .csv, Excel or .vcf file to take your RSVP and meal count totals with you on the go.

RSVP and Meal Selection Manager for Event Planners

Our event planner application makes it easy to track guest RSVPs for multiple guest lists inside each event you are planning. You can also change the RSVP status of multiple guests at once to save you and your clients time.

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