Release Notes

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  • Updated Look-and-Feel - The user interface has been given a new look, with an emphasis on clarity of information and ease-of-use.
  • New Dashboards - The main dashboard, as well as the Lead and Event dashboards have been overhauled to be more visual, providing at-a-glance views of what's happening in the application.
  • New Client Portal - There is a brand-new client portal, which greatly simplifies how your client interaction takes place within Planning Pod. It has been designed so that minimal or no help will be required for your clients to access and use this portal.
  • New Calendar Views - Two new views have been added to the Calendar, List and Timeline. These views make it easier to see at a glance what spaces/room have availability vs. booked.
  • New Merchants/Payment Options - We have added Square, Stripe and Authorize.Net integrations to go along with our existing merchant providers, WePay and PaySimple.
  • New "Auto-Payment" Scheduling - Planning Pod now has the ability to schedule when your client payments run, giving you the ability to set up an automated payment schedule.
  • Upated Proposal/Invoice Data Sharing - When a proposal line item is added or updated, you have the opportunity to transfer the same information to an invoice, keeping them in sync without having to double enter data.
  • Upated Lead Closure/Event Archiving Reasons - You can now classify why a Lead was closed or an Event was archived, giving more precise control over what shows in calendars and reports.

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