Planning Pod makes a big difference with our customers and their events

Hear why event professionals rely on our venue & event management system to run their events ... and their businesses

We asked our customers "What changed for the better when you started using Planning Pod?" Here’s what a some of them had to say...

 Planning Pod has completely streamlined our process of fielding reservation inquiries, booking events and invoicing customers. The website has everything we need with tremendous ease of access and excellent customer service. 

 We love how the system makes it an easy transition from proposal to invoice, and we really like the added features for collecting signatures online. 

 Planning Pod is a fantastic site and tool for planners. I love the budget tool and having all my event info in one place. Being a corporate planner, I like how I can set it up for a more business and corporate look but social and wedding planners can also give it a more social look. Keep doing what you are doing. 

 Enables me to maintain consistency and manage a high volume of events. 

 We love Planning Pod! In the past year, it has drastically improved the efficiency and accuracy of booking and tracking all of our events. It has made collaborating across multiple departments and outside clients so much easier! We all work different shifts and days so having one client's information in one online location has been great. Our clients really love it too, and we highlight it as part of our services as a selling point. 

 It does an amazing job of keeping all of the details for our events organized and in one place. 

 It does everything from coordination of proposals to contracts and invoicing ... it’s pretty amazing! 

 Since I started using Planning Pod, I have found that I am much more organized in managing invoices, calendars and task lists. It makes it easy to collaborate with my team and manage vendor contact information. I would recommend Planning Pod to anyone in the events industry who wants a better way to run their task management and accounting. 

 It makes sure our events and planning staff are always up to date, including things like files, proposals and invoices. 

 Your software has enabled me to manage payments, contracts and event details in one place. Thank you! 

 Great for scheduling our events and verifying that we do not overbook. It's also helpful to keep all the information about an event in one place so all staff members can access it. 

 We are able to keep records of contract information, invoice information and message information pertaining to one event all in the same place. Whereas communication through email stays within a user's email account, Planning Pod communication allows many users to communicate on the same thread. 

 It's so easy to use for creating all my proposals and billing my clients. Keep up the great work! 

 Your amazing planning tools make life easier, and all documents and files can be loaded onto the client's profile for them to download so no more trading thousands of emails back and forth with different attachments and changes. I can just log on and go to their event to see if there are any changes. Plus our clients absolutely love the idea of planning their whole event online. 

 It lets me better maintain details for convention attendees, staff, participants and speakers. 

 Love the ability to keep everything in one place for our team to access. Also makes registration and check-in extremely simple. 

 Keeps all aspects of our events consolidated in one program, including a database for all my contacts related to our conferences and trainings. 

 I love that me and my team can access many tools in one place - like calendars, contracts, payments and floor plan layouts - to stay on track. 

 We are so grateful for Planning Pod. It allows our team to work seamlessly from our remote offices with several team members all working together. We love the floor plan tool and the itinerary tool, and our clients love that we can provide them with an upscale, easy to use website to promote their event. With planning so many events every year, Planning Pod saves us so much time and keeps us organized and on track. 

 So much better than spreadsheets ... you can have more than one person access everything in one place. The budget and itinerary tools are my favorite. 

 Everything has been great. This has helped us stay organized and track our workloads. 

 I use Planning Pod because it is very convenient and everything I need is all in one place. I don't need to go from website to website or software to software to access things I use for my clients events. My calendar, to-do list, budget, invoices, proposals, contacts and contracts are all available to me on one website anytime I need them. 

 The floorplans tool is so helpful, both for clients and for our staff. Also great to have a place to keep all client info in one spot. 

 Organizing and centralizing all notes and details, including contracts, payment, etc., such that everything is accessible to all office staff. 

 Five stars ... Planning Pod is at the core of our venue business and helps schedule most activities. Both sales and event management staff use the software extensively. We particularly appreciate the responsiveness by support. It's now hard to imagine running our business without it. 

 Keeps everything organized and in one place so our staff, clients and vendors can easily collaborate. I love the budgeting and timeline tools especially. 

 Planning Pod has been great for my business. It is easy to navigate, and there are great features that make planning an event more organized and the products I produce more professional. My clients love the interactive features. 

 Planning Pod makes us look great while keeping our events organized. 

 I have truly enjoyed using Planning Pod to keep my event details in one central location, which definitely makes it easier for me to stay on track while planning events. I especially like the to-do list templates that allow me to set up an event and load in all my to-do’s without starting from scratch each time! 

 Streamlines my processes by keeping all event information in one place. 

 I love Planning Pod's floor plans tool. It’s very useful for both internal and external use. 

 Planning Pod helps me keep my events in one location and allows me to add event details in a neat, clean, and organized fashion. I also really like that I can add my clients and assign them tasks to be completed. This feature helps us stay organized and on the same page. My favorite feature, however, is the event itinerary ... it makes my life so much easier! 

 We are very grateful for Planning Pod and the service you provide for our venue. Thanks for your support and willingness to work with us. 

 Floorplans!!! So incredibly useful. I also love being able to invoice and send contracts through Planning Pod. 

 Keeps all my clients organized so much better plus contracts, payments and calendars. 

 Planning Pod is a great tool in assisting us with our event center! We love the home page and event dashboards, which keep us on track throughout the event process. We also love the activity log so we can view the date and time that clients receive emails and make changes. 

 Planning Pod makes me shine with vendors since I can give them vendor-specific timelines. The invoicing, proposals and contracts sections are also great. 

 Definitely invoicing and payments. We love our customers having the ability to pay online! It has made life easier for everyone! 

 Planning Pod keeps all our event information organized and in one place ... floor plans, invoices, everything. 

 You have made my life SO much easier over the years and I continue to recommend you to new venues and planners. Thank you for all the awesome upgrades and features, the constantly improving UX, for always taking into consideration user feedback and for building a platform that makes me hopeful for all the tech things to come in the events space. 

 We love the calendar, itinerary and budget functions ... those have been great tools for us to use as part of our events. 

 It's made sending out contracts and invoices to our customers very easy! Customer service is also super helpful! 

 Planning Pod has been a tremendous tool for many things, including proposal creation and invoicing for the rental side of my business. And it helps me keep my staffing in check! 

 I have been able to streamline our events process and develop a more concrete method for training and developing our team. I also have been able to generate a more professional, streamlined image for the company and I can monitor revenue for the restaurant much more accurately, which from a growth/forecasting perspective is HUGE. 

 Planning Pod has helped me to manage my client files so much easier and keep up with all their information. 

 I love scheduling an event and inviting in users for reminders, accountability and diverse communication tool. Great to sync an event with text, email and keep everyone informed. 

 Helps me keep client items organized, like budgets, task lists, reports. 

 I have come to rely on Planning Pod because it has everything that an event planner needs!!! With it, my team members can easily collaborate online and have every event detail at their fingertips. I personally LOVE the floorplan tool because it lets us create detailed layouts to scale, and the event registration, guest management and website builder tools are also great for managing attendees and promoting events. I guarantee once you try Planning Pod you will be amazed at how it simplifies planning events and managing all the details. 

 I really like the timelines tool and the ability to have the customer sign proposals online. It's also very easy to assign vendors to an event and track their assignments. 

 My invoicing and receipt of payments have quickly improved since we started using Planning Pod. Thanks for your help! 

 Planning Pod has helped me successfully operate an event venue and coordinating business for 6 years. I use it to create every day-of timeline, all my invoices, calendars and floor plans. We have hosted AND coordinated hundreds of weddings and corporate events over the years thanks to the help of Planning Pod ... we recommend it to all our associates and clients. 

 I like how the system organizes things by event. It keeps the event information tied together and is easy to view the information for each specific event. 

 What I have to say is ... Why have I waited so long before using Planning Pod? Easy to use, a lot of features that let me keep everything under control for multiple events, and excellent tutorials to help with any topic. Thank you a million times for making our lives easier ... your product is fantastic! 

 Planning Pod has streamlined our processes. I’m loving the itinerary and budget tools the most! And your customer service has been fabulous. 

 I love the floor plan tool and how Planning Pod keeps me organized with my events. 

 Planning Pod is helpful to me with my planning to keep things organized in one place. The events I plan are company sales meetings, and being able to keep all contracts, floor plans, venue information all in one place is a lifesaver. Having the Event Web Page for attendees to RSVP is great! This allows for better attendance tracking on my part. 

 We love all the tools provided inside each event, especially the invoicing and proposals tools ... and the invoice categories and taxes features are a great help! 

 It's the tool that helps us stay organized and keeps all our event details together online. 

 Keeping track of invoicing, payments and contracts has really improved. 

 I love Planning Pod and recommend it when I teach my planner certification courses. It has everything I need to run my planning business in one place. It makes my staff, our clients and my work process integrated, and therefore ultimately more efficient as well as effective. 

 Simplified how we run digital contracts and invoices plus collecting payments securely online. 

 Has improved making invoices and processing payments along with creating budgets for clients. Also storing client contact info. 

 Helps to reduce time with templates and lists pre-created. Has saved me tons of time managing timelines. 

 Has really improved setting up and timing my to-do's based on the date of the event! 

 My clients are much more organized on their things to do and have a better understanding of their budgeting thanks to Planning Pod. 

 Planning Pod has made my business much more manageable. Working with a number of photographers under our umbrella, we can now serve as a hub for all our photographers and clients. We can complete contracts and invoicing from anywhere in the world while relieving our freelance photographers the headache of managing their own admin. Planning Pod is completely worth the monthly fee, and we love that it allows us to be completely green! 

 I really like the itinerary tool and the ability to use the the share links to be able to share the itinerary with my clients and allowing them to see real time updates. 

 We run conferences, and Planning Pod keeps all the information for each event in one organized place for our team. 

 It is an economical way to offer clients their own website, collect RSVP data and do floorplans, budget and vision boards. I can't just pick one! 

 We rely on Planning Pod to keep our event invoicing organized and allow customers to pay online. 

 Planning Pod helps me oversee the entire event process and to stay in touch with clients and vendors while showing them a professional look. Great for delivering and signing proposals and contracts and managing my organization and finances. 

 Now I can keep accurate notes, to do's, checklists and schedule of events all in one place. 

 Keeping abreast of our event schedule. It is helpful to see this in a list form as well as a calendar form. 

 Has streamlined getting contracts and proposals signed and keeping them stored. 

 Great with organization of multiple events ... I would not be able to do a proper job were it not for this software. 

 Planning Pod has been a lifesaver for me. I found myself frustrated in planning 70-80 events a year using binders and notes and was on the hunt to streamline my planning process. Planning Pod has not only eliminated the need for paper but it allows for me to work on-the-go from anywhere at any time. I've been able to better organize my clients information and the easy search function allows me to pull up my clients information quickly and efficiently. 

 The floorplan tool gives us a great starting point with clients so we can all visualize the same layout! 

 Planning Pod allows me to work on several projects at one time with the data for all kept in one location rather than across multiple programs and files. 

 Planning pod has helped me cut down the time it takes to create a proposal and actually plan events. 

 Keeps me well-organized and from double booking. 

 The form builder has absolutely been a true lifesaver for me. Has also improved our collaboration with clients, reporting, contracts and invoicing. 

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