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Online event seating chart software for quickly building to-scale table layouts and easily managing guest seating.

Create detailed seating arrangements and table layouts for weddings, meetings & more with our online event seating chart maker.

Learn why more event pros use our cloud-based tools to create professional, customizable event seating charts

Our Web-based event seating chart generator lets you collaborate with team members and clients to create to-scale seating arrangements for weddings, meetings, parties, fundraisers, conferences and more. Just drag-and-drop tables and chairs into place. Then upload or enter your guest list and drag-and-drop guests onto seats. It's that easy. Try our event seating chart software free today

Colorful & Convenient

Create stylish seating charts in minutes

First, you can build table seating chart layouts by using a wide variety of floorplan elements - including round, rectangular, square and oval tables as well as chair rows, floors, stages and architectural items. Plus you can label and add custom colors to any element you place ... and everything is to-scale.

Once all your elements have been added, you can start assigning guests to seats. The guest list tool makes it easy to see who has been added to the layout and who has not, and it also tells you what table they have been added to and their meal choice. And when it comes time to print out your work, our event seating chart app lets you quickly download PDFs for colorful, printable seating chart documents.

Easy Guest List Management

Track all your guest details in one convenient place

Inside our seating chart creator tool is a powerful guest list manager that gives you complete control over your attendees. You can enter your guests in manually or import them from a file or another application (like Gmail, Salesforce or MailChimp) - including all their contact details (email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, etc.).

Once your guests have been added, you can put them into groups or families as well as add Plus Ones to guests. You can also track the RSVP status for each guest - including their meal choices and responses to custom questions. You can even download PDF or .csv files of your guest list as well as download printable name tags. And, of course, you can place your guests (and their Plus Ones) onto seats in your floorplan and easily move them by clicking, dragging and dropping.

Collaborate on Any Device

Use our event seating chart program anytime, anywhere

Planning Pod is a fully responsive application built to work via the Web browser of any device - including PCs and Macs as well as all tablet and smartphone devices (that includes iPhones/iPads and Androids). Just pull up your Web browser, log in and start creating a seating chart.

In addition, our tools are built to be collaborative, so you can invite your team members, vendors, contractors and even clients into your account to make a seating chart. You can set permissions for certain user types/groups to limit what they can view and edit in your account.

More Than Just Seating Charts

Manage every detail with our event management software tools

Planning Pod has all the tools you need for creating professional, printable seating charts ... and much more. Like an event website builder for creating custom sites for each event and collecting RSVP responses that are compiled in the guest list. Project planning tools for managing calendars, tasks, files, checklists and schedules. Business tools for creating and managing proposals, contracts/e-signatures and invoices. Communication tools for sharing messages, notes and vision boards. All in one convenient online application.

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What's inside our easy-to-use online seating chart maker for events

More than 20,000 event professionals and their team members and clients use our event seating chart software for weddings, parties, meetings, fundraisers and many other kinds of events. Here are just a few of the reasons why they chose Planning Pod.

Features include:

Guest List Manager

Enter or upload your guests and all their contact details. Arrange them into groups/families. Add Plus Ones. Then assign them to seats.

Seating Chart Templates

Build reusable templates for table/seating arrangement setups you use frequently. Create libraries for charts for specific venues and spaces.

Online RSVPs

Use the event website builder to collect RSVP responses as well as meal choices. Each guest's RSVP status displays inside the table seating chart tool.

Customizable Tables

Add round, rectangular, square and oval tables. Set custom sizes and specify number of chairs at each table. Easily duplicate and rotate items.

Chairs & Rows

Choose from many standard chair sizes and types. Create chair rows and customize number of seats and row dimensions for theater-type setups.

Floor Plan Elements

Choose from dozens of design elements such as floors, stages, doors, walls, booths, audio/visual, food-&-beverage, outdoor items and more.

Rulers & Notes

Create adjustable rulers to accurately place tables and other elements onto your seating arrangement. Add customized notes for clarity.

Reports & Downloads

Download printable, full-color PDF files of your table seating chart designs. Export equipment and guest lists. Download name badges formatted for Avery templates.

To-Scale Accuracy

Set up each event seating chart with the exact length/width dimensions of your space. Upload background CAD images for uniquely shaped spaces.

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Hear why hundreds of event and wedding planners, venues and caterers prefer Planning Pod's event management tools

"Planning Pod has really made our business more efficient, streamlined, and effective. I am not sure what we did before we started using it!"

Jon'll Boyd

Completely Yours Events

"Your floor plan tool has saved countless hours of drawing and sizing. The accuracy of the items and room dimensions make creating a floor plan a snap."

Ashley Coston

Southern Social Events and Rentals

"Planning Pod has been a lifesaver for me ... it allows for me to work on-the-go from anywhere at any time."

Bobbi Perry

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding

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