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Venue Management Software

Perfect for event centers, hotels, restaurants, corporate facilities, non-profit venues and reception halls.

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Event Management Software

Perfect for corporate events, meetings, weddings, galas, fundraisers, educational events and more.

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"I personally LOVE the floorplan tool because it lets us create amazing, detailed layouts to scale and assign guests to seats."
- Tal Orion, Tal Orion Event Management

Tal Orion, Tal Orion Event Management

Create detailed event seating plans in minutes with intuitive, drag-and-drop tools

Floorplan Layout
Floorplan Layout

Quickly lay out tables and chair rows

With tools like auto-format and snap-to grids, you can quickly add multiple rows of tables or chairs to start setting up your spaces. Choose from a variety of table types as well as hundreds of other elements, including furniture, walls/doors, dance floors, stages, trade show booths, audio/visual and lighting.

Manage guest lists and assigned seating

Upload or enter your attendee list into our guest list tool to manage contact details, event RSVPs and meal choices. Then quickly drop attendees onto seats in your layout or auto-seat all attendees at once. View counts for seated attendees/available seats and clearly display guest names plus meal choices and RSVP/VIP status.

Perfect for any kind of event or venue

Our seating chart software lets you set up seating arrangements for any kind of event, including wedding receptions and ceremonies, gala dinners fundraisers, banquets, meetings, corporate events and parties. It’s also a great tool for venues, restaurants, hotels and other event spaces.

Share layouts online + check in guests

Now you can give your staff, clients and vendors access to seating charts for easy online collaboration. Or download and print out full-color PDFs of your seating plans with table seating breakouts plus name badges and equipment lists. And easily process arriving guests with our multi-user guest check-in app.

Save time with templates and customizations

Create room outlines of your space boundaries and then build out reusable templates for your most used event seating setups. Build out your own custom element libraries to save time. Even upload your logo to brand your event floor plan designs.

Floorplan Layout

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What's inside our event seating plan software tool

See why more event professionals use our event seating software to build assigned seat and table layouts for weddings, banquets, galas, corporate events, seminars, fundraising events and more.

Drag-&-Drop Functionality

Use our event seating chart software to easily add one or mulitiple elements at a time, plus select and move, edit or delete single or multiple elements.

Alignment Tools

Make sure your floor plan items line up precisely with snap-to grids and vertical/horizontal spacing features to arrange multiple tables or elements at once.

Smart Menus

Need to make changes to multiple elements at once? No problem. Just select elements and then instantly duplicate, rotate, add/remove chairs and change colors or table numbers.

Auto-Layout Feature

When adding tables or chair rows, simply use the "Add Multiple Rows" option to create grids of elements that are precisely spaced to your specifications.

Guest List Manager

Track details for attendees like contact information, RSVP status and meal choices and assign the same list to multiple floor plans if you need multiple seating assignment layouts for the same event.

Assigned Seating Charts

Drop singles or groups of guests onto tables or chair rows and easily move them to different tables/seats. Seat or unseat all attendees with a single click and view attendee details like names and RSVP status in the layout design.

Guest Check-In App

Keep your at-the-door lines short by using our multi-user app to check in guests quickly and efficiently at multiple entrances.

Downloads & Reports

Download and print out PDF files of your event designs with table breakout pages and attendees' names on seats. Export spredsheets for guest lists, equipment lists and name badges.

Viewing / Measurement Options

Easily show and hide attendee information like names, RSVP/VIP status and meal choices. Use imperial or metric measurements based on your regional preferences.

Mobile Compatible

Want to view floorplans and seat assignments on-the-go and show them to vendors and clients? Simply log into your account via your mobile web browser to view your designs on tablets or smartphones.

Templates & Room Boundaries

Build seating chart templates for setups you use repeatedly. Upload room outline files to trace room walls with our boundary tool ... or create your event space walls/boundaries from scratch.

Favorite Element Library

Do you repeatedly use the same standard elements or use custom elements for many designs? Save them in your favorites library so you can easily access these items when building seating charts.

Table & Chair Library

Choose from round tables, half-rounds, rectangular tables, square tables or serpentine tables. Build custom chair configurations and seating capacities, clear spaces, more.

Chair Rows + Other Elements

Implement chair rows as well as furniture, trade show booths, architectural items, A/V, lighting, floors, stages and shapes into your seating plans.

Rulers & Notes

Know exact distances and measurements between items in your seating charts with adjustable rulers. Use custom notes to add clarity to your floor plans.

Permissions & Security

Create user groups to set permissions for different user types. Then invite new users into your account so they can login and collaborate on seating layouts.

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Jeff Kear · Owner, Planning Pod

How to select the best event seating chart software for you

A critical and often underrated component of event planning and management that can have a huge effect on audience engagement is event design and, if you have an event that involves reserved seating, event table layouts and/or seating charts. And although you can sketch out your design ideas on a sheet of paper, to have a truly representational, to-scale rendering of your event layout and seating capacity for distributing to clients, staff, participants, volunteers and vendors, a digital seating chart planner gives you the tools you need to build professional designs that impress and leave no room for error.

With that said, when you are creating event table layouts and seating charts, there are four primary criteria that you should look for when starting to evaluate online seating chart generators.

  • Accuracy - You want your seating charts and floor plans to represent what you will get in real-life so that you aren’t cramming too much equipment, tables or chairs into the allotted space. In addition, you want a tool that lets you include as many event details as possible regarding layout elements like different table shapes or architectural characteristics of your room or space, whether you are hosting your event in a banquet hall or concert hall.
  • Aesthetics - Because we are usually showing seating chart arrangements and event designs to our team, peers and clients, we want to make a big impression and don’t want them to look slapdash. A full-featured event seating plan software platform lets you precisely and colorfully render everything from detailed wedding seating charts with guest table assignments to galas or corporate events that have designated seating for general admission and VIP audience members.
  • Time - We are all pressed for time, and although we want our event seating charts to look professionally designed and be accurate, they shouldn’t take hours to build. The best seating chart makers give you the tools to create highly accurate and aesthetically pleasing designs in a short span of time (usually less than an hour).
  • Ease-of-Use - Most popular event floor plan tools offer drag-and-drop functionality so you can simply place elements on the layout or drop attendees onto selected seats (or drag them off seats to remove them). But the best event seating chart software platforms contain features like auto-format for building table layout grids instantly, reusable seating plan templates, libraries of favorite elements and other features that simplify building seating charts. In addition, some table plan software apps are also mobile-friendly and can be used on both computers and mobile devices.

So what should you look for when evaluating such a tool for building the perfect seating plan? Consider these seven attributes.

1. Guest List Management

What comes before adding guests to seats in a layout? Managing contact information for those guests in an organized fashion so your seating plans are detail-rich with items like names, RSVP status and meal choices. Guest list managers can also come with features like at-the-door check-in apps and Excel file downloads. And for wedding planners, there are also handy features like table number labeling for easily identifying at what table each guest is seated; downloadable place cards and escort cards; and separate lists for rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

2. Registrations and RSVPs

And what comes before a guest list full of rich information? Collecting that information via customizable event websites equipped with event registration / ticketing and RSVP forms that electronically feed that data into your guest list. An added bonus is the ability to collect registration payments and detailed responses to custom questions; the ability to set up multiple ticket types; and even allowing registrants to select their preferred seat.

3. Flexibility of Event Type

Top event seating planner tools allow you to build layouts for any type of event, including wedding seating charts, banquet table setups and seating plans for dinners, banquet style galas, parties, conferences, concerts, classrooms and corporate meetings and events.

4. Adaptable to Any Venue and Space

Do your event spaces typically have unique contours and dimensions? Solid event seating plan software will allow you to easily replicate those dimensions so you can build restaurant seating charts for patrons as well as seating plans for hotel meeting rooms and ballrooms, reception halls, conference centers, wineries and even arena-like layouts for concert halls and theaters.

5. Large Library of Elements

Any seating chart maker worth its weight should offer a variety of table and chair element options (including options for round tables, half-tables and head tables), but the more advanced ones will also offer architectural elements like walls, floors and doors; staging elements like podiums and lighting; A/V elements like amplification systems; and exposition elements like trade show booths and aisles.

6. Virtual Collaboration

This is where Web-based event seating planner apps excel because they have the flexibility to allow others to access to seating charts via the Internet to provide feedback and even create and edit shared designs. This allows an entire team of planners and vendors (like caterers and rental crews) to see designs ahead of time. An added bonus are features that offer 3D walkthroughs to enable users to fully visualize the setup from one or more focal points as well as other integrated event software tools for collaboratively managing budgets, timelines, etc.

7. Customization

If you are seeking to make an impression on vendors or internal / external clients, customizations will help you sell through your ideas. Such features can include customizable colors and fonts as well as background uploads. A timesaving feature to look out for is the ability to create seating chart templates for designs or setups you use repeatedly.

As you can see, the best event seating chart software programs offer a wide variety of features to simplify the process of building seating plans while providing maximum flexibility so you can add many details and integrate with other event management tools that you may need.

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