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Event floor plan software for creating professional diagrams

Build customizable, to-scale room layouts and setups with our easy-to-use event floor plan app.

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The event floor plan creator is included in the Planning Pod software suite...


Venue Management Software

Perfect for event centers, hotels, restaurants, corporate facilities, non-profit venues and reception halls.

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Event Management Software

Perfect for corporate events, meetings, weddings, galas, fundraisers, educational events and more.

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Floorplans Plus Plan

Perfect if all you need is to create floor plans. Includes the floor plan, attendee list and check-in tools.

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"The floorplan tool gives us a great starting point with clients so we can all visualize the same layout!"
- Tracey Drummond, Gatherings West

Tracey Drummond, Gatherings West

4.82 out of 5 stars

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Try our online floor plan app for creating colorful event designs that bring your ideas to life

Create to-scale floor plans in minutes

Our drag-and-drop event floor plan software makes creating professional layouts effortless. No CAD or design experience required. Choose from dozens of pre-built elements like tables, chair rows, floors and furniture.

Customize your designs

If you have a CAD image of a room or event space, just upload it for an accurate floorplan boundary. Build reusable templates for unlimited spaces and setups. Create labels for tables and notes. Add colors to any element.

Impress clients and boost sales

Helping prospects visualize their event is a powerful sales tool. Our event floor plan app lets you show them in vivid detail what they can expect regarding the look-and-feel of their event, improving your close rate and ROI.

Build event seating charts for any floor plan

Our event floor plan designer tool integrates with our guest list tool so you can drag-and-drop attendees directly onto chairs for assigned seating charts. And when the event day arrives, just use our check-in tool to track arriving guests.

Share layouts for easy collaboration

Our platform lets you invite team members, vendors and clients to view or edit designs online. Download full-color PDFs of event layouts, equipment lists, seating charts and even name badges for guests placed at seats.

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What's inside our event floor plan software tool

See why more event professionals use our floor plan maker to build layouts for meetings, conferences, banquets, exhibitions, weddings, receptions, parties, galas and more.

Reusable Templates

Build event floor plan templates for setups you use repeatedly. Great for venues or if you use the same spaces or rooms.

Compatible with CAD Images

Upload images developed in CAD applications to create precise boundaries for your floor plans. Great for uniquely shaped rooms.

Element Libraries

Drag-and-drop dozens of items like tables, chairs, floors, trade show booths, furniture, tents, walls, A/V equipment and more.

Venue Libraries

Keep all your your venue and space/room profiles organized and attach floor plan templates to them for easy access.

Attendee Management

Manage attendee details, RSVPs and meal choices. Collect RSVPs and registrations via the event website (Event Management plans only).

Seating Charts

Drag-and-drop attendees from guest lists onto seats in your floor plan for assigned seating. View RSVP status and meal choices in layout.

Event Check-In Tool

Welcome your attendees when they arrive at your events by checking them in via our check-in app and directing them to their seat.

Reports and Downloads

Download printable, full-color PDF files of your floor plan designs. Export equipment and guest lists. Create printable name badges.

View / Zoom / Lock Options

Switch between different views for design and attendee modes. Quickly zoom in or out. Lock elements or the entire floor plan.

To-Scale Accuracy

Once you set up each floor plan with custom length/width dimensions, every element you place is to-scale.

Rulers and Notes

Add adjustable rulers to accurately place elements in your floor plans. Add customized notes to clarify and explain.

Security and Permissions

Each user has their own login for enhanced security, and you can set permissions for editing or view-only access.

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Jeff Kear · Owner, Planning Pod

How to choose the best event floor plan software for your needs

Event professionals have been diagramming floor plans and room layouts for decades to better represent to clients, vendors and internal staff the visual flow of an event as well as where guests, tables, furniture, equipment and other items will be arranged in an event space.

Originally, event pros had to manually draw floor plans (yuck) until computer-aided design or CAD technology came along. However, CAD programs often had a fairly steep and lengthy learning curve.

Next came PC-based floor plan generators, which offered more flexibility and shorter ramp up times. And now online event floor plan apps offer an all-in-one approach by delivering a wealth of features and instant access to tools while simplifying the entire design process.

What are the benefits of online event floor plan software?

There are quite a few key advantages that current online tools have over older methods of building event diagrams.

  • Build layouts faster - User friendly room layout apps with drag-and-drop capabilities and reusable templates mean you can build setups in minutes, not hours.
  • Easier to TRY IT FREE and use - No hand drawing or CAD expertise is required, and you can be proficient with most Web-based event design tools in a day or two.
  • Accurate representation of elements - With most reputable event floor plan generators, all elements you place on the floor are to scale so there’s never any issues when you actually start setting up a room.
  • Output looks very professional - The printouts and output files (like PDFs) have clean lines, colors and an orderly appearance; it just simply looks professionally designed.
  • Easy to edit your designs - To change a design, you don’t have to scrap your existing floorplan but just go back into it and edit it. And you can even duplicate a floor plan to create one or more versions.
  • Display more information - If you need to add lots of notes and details in your event floor plans, you can fit quite a bit into each design.
  • Integrates with other apps - Many top event floor plan software programs have their own guest list and check-in tools for creating seating charts and managing attendees, and some even integrate with other applications for sharing data across platforms.
  • Great tool for sales - Nothing sells your event services or venue space like showing a prospect what they can expect, and a detailed wedding, conference room or meeting room setup diagram is worth a thousand sales pitches.
  • Collaborate easily - A huge benefit of having your electronic event diagrams online is that you can easily share them with your co-workers, staff, clients and contractors, and event layout software also lets you open up your designs to having others edit them (if you wish).
  • Compatible with every operating system - Online tools work via Web browser, so they are compatible with Macs and PCs as well as many Apple, Android and other tablet and mobile devices.

What kinds of events would benefit from an event floor plan app?

  • Banquets and galas - Great for laying out events that require food service or catering with lots of table seating, banquet setups, stages and floors.
  • Classrooms and seminars - Represent an educational setup with desks and chairs or more of a professional setting with meeting or conference tables.
  • Exhibition halls and trade shows - Exhibit spaces must allow for adequate flow of people through the space, and trade show floor plans let you depict booths, aisles, open spaces, kiosks, gathering areas and more.
  • Meetings and conferences - Large events with many participants require extensive planning, and floor plans for conferences let you direct staff on how to set up individual meeting and conference room setups as well as auditorium layouts.
  • Parties and Celebrations - Create plans for festive social occasions of any kind or size, whether in a venue like a hotel or restaurant, in someone’s house or home or even in a park or outdoor area.
  • Weddings - Create wedding setups for receptions and ceremonies, where there may be many requirements like dining, dance areas, stages, band or DJ setups, chair rows and the like.

Who would benefit from using event floor plan software?

  • Caterers - Build detailed layouts for buffet or seated dinners with assigned seating and designations of guest meal choices from a menu so servers know where to deliver meals.
  • Event planners - Create setups for all kinds of corporate, non-profit and social events to show to your external and internal clients as well as to direct event vendors and staff.
  • Event venues and facilities - Build setups for exterior and interior spaces to impress your prospects and clients and show your staff how conference and meeting rooms as well as ballrooms, lobbies, restaurants and other event spaces should be set up.
  • Schools, universities and corporate facilities - Design layouts for student, parent and alumni events plus conferences and classes. Set up conference rooms and corporate spaces for employee training, marketing and launch events, sales pitches and more.

10 must-haves to look for in an online event floor plan tool (and 5 extras)

  • Drag-and-drop capabilities - Makes it easy to place and move elements.
  • To-scale accuracy - Lets you build realistic layouts with adequate space for guest movement.
  • CAD compatibility - Allows you to pull in existing CAD designs and images for depicting space boundaries and architectural elements.
  • Complete element library - Provides flexibility for incorporating any kind of table, chair, stage, floor, wall, door, stairs, A/V and more, including furniture libraries.
  • Design and decor customizations - Lets you add flourishes of color, texture, text and design elements to decorate your floor plan.
  • Floor plan templates - Saves you time by allowing you to reuse pre-built floor plan diagrams and create multiple versions of setups.
  • Exports and downloads - Lets you print out your designs and download them to shareable files (like PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs).
  • Guest list integration - Track registrations and RSVPs, sell tickets online and assign guests to seats (meal choices and table assignments an added bonus).
  • Check-in integration - Check in guests at the door and direct them to their table and even chair (table and seat numbering a plus).
  • Customer support - Ability to access help documentation and contact support reps if you have issues.


  • Equipment and inventory options - Options for placing equipment (like audio-visual equipment, safety equipment, trusses, etc.) as well as pulling items from your actual inventory (like flatware, tableware, glassware, place settings, linens, centerpieces, etc.).
  • Visualization and 3D event designs - Some platforms offer 3D floor plan software tools for creating virtual walkthroughs.
  • Event websites for events - Allows for attendees to register or RSVP online via event websites or webpages. Big bonus for online event floor plan apps that offer guest list integration with floor plans.
  • Mobile compatibility - Enables management of and access to floor plans via tablets and mobile devices.
  • Secure solution - Offers security and data protection like server firewalls, data backups and encryption.

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