Event room scheduling software for your venue's meeting and conference rooms - COMING SOON

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The event room scheduling software will be included in the Planning Pod software suite


Venue Management Software

Perfect for event centers, hotels, restaurants, corporate facilities, non-profit venues and reception halls.

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Event Management Software

Perfect for corporate events, meetings, weddings, galas, fundraisers, educational events and more.

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"I love Planning Pod because it's an affordable and amazing tool that keeps me organized and saves me SO much time."
- Jennifer Pochobradsky, Harper Hadley Events

Jennifer Pochobradsky, Harper Hadley Events

Resource Scheduling Software

 Resource scheduling software so you can stay on top of all your events - COMING SOON

Tracking all your bookings for your venue's meeting and conference spaces is critical to your business, and Planning Pod's facility scheduling software tools give you full control over every detail for your booked events. Scheduling event spaces, allocating resources such as stages and dance floor and even allocating staff for events is possible with our application. In addition, we provide you with a full suite of event management and planning tools - more than two dozen in all - so you or your customers can plan every event from initial budgeting all the way through to on-site guest sign in.

"Planning Pod has made planning and coordinating events much easier for me. It has simplified the process and saved me time that I can use focusing on others tasks."
- Tatiana Fortune, Moments of Fortune Events

Tatiana Fortune, Moments of Fortune Events

 Space utilization software tools to make the most of your facility's event rooms

Your event space is one of your facility's biggest assets, but when your space isn't used efficiently, it can dramatically affect your bottom line. Our online room scheduling software has comprehensive scheduling and calendaring tools for making sure you have a complete picture of what event rooms are booked and when. Upload your space (e.g., meeting rooms, ballrooms, patios, foyers, restaurants, etc.) and resource inventories (e.g., tables, chairs, stages, A/V equipment, lighting, etc.). Then track details such as event date/time, prep/setup time, pricing, clients, staffing, rentals/resources and more.

Maggie Richard, Maggie's Misc.

"I often juggle multiple projects and events at one time. Planning Pod helps me keep these projects in one location and allows me to add event details in a neat, clean, and organized fashion."
- Maggie Richard, Maggie's Misc.

Planning Pod Venue Management
Manage Contacts

 Share information with staff via online facility scheduling software

Keeping everyone on the same page at your venue can make the difference between double booking rooms and resources and having a clean, tight booking schedule. Planning Pod lets you invite unlimited users into your account so you can collaborate with them and share important information that all parties need to do their job properly. And you can control access to who is able to view certain resource scheduling software tools and areas of your account to keep sensitive information secure. It's the ideal way to centralize and coordinate your scheduling.

 Access value-add tools like room layout and design tools

Not only does our event room scheduling software app let you book your meeting and conference spaces, but it also lets you create detailed, to-scale floor and table plans and seating arrangements for your clients. Start with the dimensions of each room, drop in an outline from an image file, then drag-and-drop all table sizes (round, rectangular, square or oval) as well as stages, walls and other items. You can even place guests at chairs from our guest list tool, then print it all out or download it as a PDF file.

Productivity Tools

Meeting room scheduling software plus 26 more event management software tools

Not only can you use our conference room scheduling software tools to manage your event spaces. You can also use our other tools to manage budgets, schedules, to-do's, internal calendars/staff calendars, finances, invoices, legal contracts, questionnaires and many other event-related details. Try our space utilization software today for free and discover how Planning Pod can simplify how you schedule and manage your meeting and event spaces.

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