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Payment Processing

Included with your account ... no hidden fees, no approvals

Every account is set up so you can start accepting online credit card payments for the invoices you create in Planning Pod. It's a great way to get paid fast, and it's hassle-free for your clients. No approval is required, and there are no monthly or hidden fees. Only 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Available for U.S. and Canadian businesses.

To-Do's Manager

Creating and assigning tasks is just the start

Like all good task managers, ours makes it easy to create to-do's, assign them to one or multiple users, set due dates and attach notes. What sets ours apart is that you can create reusable to-do list templates (that backs out your to-do's based on your event date) and track all your to-do's in your master calendar. Four pre-built to-do list templates included.


Set up budgets and monitor costs and income

No matter how large the budget, our tool can handle it. Create as many line items for each event as you need and assign line items to customizable budget categories. Manage both expenses and revenues. Track budgeted cost (or revenue), actual cost (or revenue), paid to date and balance due for each item. Even add multiple payments for each item ... and schedule payment due dates and reminders. Three pre-built budget templates included.

Event Floorplans and Seating Charts

Quickly build to-scale event table plans and seating arrangements

Impress clients and vendors with professional table plan and seating arrangement diagrams created using our drag-and-drop floorplan tool ... no CAD or design experience necessary. Add background diagrams of your rooms (like image files of room outlines) that you can drop elements onto. Customize table sizes, chair arrangements, stages, furinture and more. Add architectural elements. Download full-color PDFs that you can print out. And place attendees at seats by integrating with our Attendee List tool.

Attendee Lists

Put every attendee detail at your fingertips

Create one or more lists for every event. Organize attendees into groups/families and add +1's. Track RSVPs and meal counts. Add custom questions and collect responses from attendees. Store addresses, phone numbers, emails and more. Prioritize guests. And download PDF and .csv reports to see where you stand. Integrates with Event Website tool to collect RSVPs online.


Keep your events running like clockwork

Set up a detailed itinerary/schedule/program with date, start/end times, location and notes for each itinerary item. Associate vendors with items. View all items in chronological order. Download a PDF of the entire itinerary to share with clients and staff, or create vendor-specific, contact-specific or category-specific PDFs. Save an itinerary as a template for similar events down the road. Three pre-built itinerary templates included.

Time Tracking

Track your time for every event

Whether you plan events for clients or plan them in-house, now you can account for every minute you and your staff spend on your events ... and dispense with timesheets. We've also made it easy to pull your time entries into invoices so you can turn that time into money even faster.


Stay on schedule in a very familiar way

Our drag-and-drop master calendar gives you everything you would expect from a modern e-calendar. Manage all your meetings. Create multiple, color-coded personal calendars and share them with designated contacts. Track to-do's, appointments, holds, invoice due dates and budget payments associated with events and leads. Set email and text reminders. Plus you can import your existing e-calendar details into ours, and you can sync your Planning Pod calendar to other popular electronic calendars (like Google, Yahoo, Apple and Outlook).


Maintain a record of every little detail

As a well-prepared event planner, it's your job to sweat the small stuff. But now you can sweat less with the help of our worksheets tool. Store details for venues, decor, rentals, entertainment, speakers, photography, audio/visual, transportation, attire and more. Assign vendors to details and download printable PDFs. 18 pre-built worksheet templates included.

Event Websites

Build a custom website for every event

Build gorgeous, colorful websites that look great on any device ... no technical knowledge required. Customize each site with panels for images, photo galleries, text, videos, directions, schedules and social media links. Collect RSVPs as well as meal choices and answers to custom questions from attendees (integrates with Attendee List tool). Create a custom URL for each website and turn on social sharing so your visitors can post about your event on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

File Sharing

Upload and share files and link to files from popular applications

You can store and share multiple files related to each event, and our system even tracks different versions of files so you always know what's the most recent version. Integrates with Dropbox and Google Docs so you can create links directly to those files. Add folders to manage your files/links. Accepted file types include .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pdf, .zip, .jpg, .tif, .png, .mov, .eps, .ai, .psd, .html and more.

Vision Board

Share photos and graphics and collect feedback

With the vision board, you can upload images and pictures and give them titles and descriptions. Then your clients or staff can browse among the images and enter their comments for each image. A great way to brainstorm visually and vet ideas.

Forms Builder

Gather input or feedback from clients, team members, vendors, more

Often it's vital to get the input and feedback you need from team members and attendees to move your events forward. Our Forms Builder lets you create customized forms (with many different question types) and efficiently collect responses from one or more respondents. Allows respondents to return to partially completed forms to finish up their answers. Create and save templates for forms you use repeatedly.

Contacts and Permissions

For managing your contacts, vendors and much more

Our contacts tool may seem like a mild-mannered, competent address book manager. But underneath, it gives you the power to provide contacts access to your account and control how much access you want to give each one. It also lets you create customizable tags for labeling your contacts and organizing them into groups. And you can even store files related to each contact.

Lead Tracking

Put your prospecting pipeline in good hands

Our lead tracking tools eliminate the need for another CRM tool to manage your event prospects. Add leads manually or collect leads who visit your website by inserting our customizable lead collector form into your contact page. Place leads on hold for a certain day/time or venue/space and set hold expirations. Create proposals, to-do's and notes for your leads and store files related to a lead. Convert a lead to a booked event in a single click. And run comprehensive reports on your leads.


Let us pull together the information you need

When you are neck-deep in details, sometimes it's critical to see the big picture. We provide 17 comprehensive reports on a variety of metrics, including cross-event overviews, leads, venue/space bookings, to-do's, budgets, invoices and payments, proposals, vendors, contracts, time tracking and more. All reports download to .csv files that you can open with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to view and manipulate your data.

PDF Downloads

Take your event details with you

There may be times when you need to print out your event data - for clients, staff, vendors or yourself. We've made it easy to download printable PDF files for budgets, itineraries, to-do's, guest lists/counts and much more. You can also download a summary document of event progress; an event vendor list; and an event book that contains every detail to-date.

Dashboards and Alerts

See what's happening with your events at-at-glance

When you log in, the Daily Reminder dashboard welcomes you with an overview of upcoming to-do's, events, calendar items and contact/lead activities. You can filter for a number of variables, and each day you will receive an email alert telling you what's on your schedule. Makes it easy to stay on top of your schedule ... and your team's schedule, too.


Use our 37 pre-built templates ... or create your own

Save time and effort by creating your own reusable templates in your account for budgets, proposals, invoices, line items (for proposals/invoices), contracts, to-do lists, itineraries, worksheets, checklists or forms. Or use/modify one of our pre-built templates. Just import a template into an event and make your modifications.

Messages and Notes

Keep your ideas and communications in one place

Whether you're taking meeting notes or trading messages with a client. Whether you're stockpiling ideas or negotiating with a vendor. Our messages and notes tools give you a place to share and save every conversation and thought.

Proposals and Invoices

From courting prospects to billing clients

Our online event management software helps you build proposals that ooze professionalism. Create individual line items with descriptions, quantities, unit costs and more. Create image galleries. Attach documents and PDFs. Then email it all to your prospects in a tidy bundle, and collect their electronic signatures.

And when it comes time to bill, we have you covered there, too. Turn a proposal into an invoice with a single click. Create invoices with unlimited line items. Add your time and bill-through expenses. Track single or multiple payments for each invoice, and schedule installment payments.

Legal Contracts

Collect e-signatures and manage contracts

Enabling clients to sign your contracts just got easier. Just upload your legal language, then invite a client to review your contract online and sign it electronically. Everything is saved and stored securely - including identifying IP addresses and unique marks/signatures - and you can download and print a PDF file for your records.


Brand your Planning Pod account

It takes just a few minutes to adorn your Planning Pod account with your company's brand. Display your logo and company info on the home page of every user and in the header of all PDF downloads. Select a background and font that suits your style and brand.

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