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Attendee Management Tools

Registration & RSVPs

Collect paid or free event registrations online plus RSVP details

We've made it easy for attendees to sign up for your events. For registration-style events, just customize the registration checkout form by adding tickets, prices, custom questions and more. For RSVP-style events, upload your attendee list and add meal options and custom questions. Then collect attendee signups/RSVPs as well as registration details and credit card payments by creating an Event Website.

Floorplans and Seating

Quickly create professional, accurate table plans and seating arrangements

Now you can build to-scale diagrams of your rooms and spaces ... no design experience required. Choose from dozens of drag-and-drop elements, including tables, chairs, stages and furniture. Add background images for a more custom look. Place attendees onto seats for assigned seating. Download full-color, printable PDFs.

Event Websites

Build colorful, mobile-friendly event websites that attract attendees

Within an hour you can have a custom event website launched. Our event website builder lets you choose from panels for images, photo galleries, text, videos, maps, schedules and more. Customize your site URL. Includes social sharing for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Integrates with registration/RSVP tools to collect signups and payments online.

Attendee/Guest Lists

Manage your attendees and all their information

Centralize all your attendee details and view current headcounts, meal choices and responses to custom questions. Store contact details like emails, phone numbers, etc. Download PDF/.CSV reports and printable name tag templates. For RSVP-style events, you can even organize attendees into groups/families and add Plus Ones.

Event Check-In

Minimize lines and quickly check in your attendees at the door

Never again rely on inefficient paper lists to check in guests. With our check-in tool, you can search by name, scroll the attendee list or scan the QR code on each ticket. Or automate the process with the self check-in feature. Accept credit card or cash payments at the door. Works on all devices and updates in real-time if you have attendants at multiple entry points.

Ticket Orders

View and manage order information for registrations/tickets

Know where you stand at all times regarding registration orders and payments for every event. View current attendee counts, tickets sold and revenues. Quickly search for orders and resend confirmation emails and tickets. Ability to refund or void orders and to download PDF/.CSV reports.

Productivity Tools


Build detailed, event-day timelines that account for every minute

Leave nothing to chance by creating event itineraries with date, start/end times, venue and notes for each item. Assign contacts and vendors to items and create item categories. Download printable PDFs of the entire itinerary or for specific vendors, contacts and venues. Create your own itinerary templates or use one of our pre-built templates.


Keep tabs on your event's overall budget, costs and projected income

Manage your event finances by creating unlimited line items and categories to monitor expenses and revenues. Precisely track budgeted cost, actual cost, payments-to-date and balance due for each item. Add multiple payments for an item and schedule payment due dates and reminders. Build out your own budget templates or use one of our pre-built templates.

To-Do's/Task Management

Simplify keeping team members, clients and volunteers on track

Everyone working on your events can now see at-a-glance what's been done and what's left to do. Quickly add to-do's, assign them to one or more users, set due dates and attach notes. Track your to-do's via the Calendars tool. Create reusable to-do list templates, which back out your to-do's based on your event date. Pre-built templates included.


Stay on schedule with easy-to-use shared calendars

Everything in our drag-and-drop calendar is color-coded so you can easily see which items relate to which events. Instantly add appointments, to-do's and sub-calendars. Track event dates, invoice/budget payment due dates and leads/holds. You can also sync your Planning Pod calendar to other popular electronic calendars like Google, Yahoo and Apple.


A simple tool for managing all your event lists

Great for building lists for planning, packing, materials, procedures, coordination or troubleshooting. Just add your items and start checking them off ... it's that easy. Build one or more checklists for each event. Create your own checklist templates or use one of our pre-built templates.


Store and organize all the little "easy-to-lose" details

Are your details scattered across post-its, spreadsheets and emails? Our worksheets tool will help you get organized. Manage details for venues, decor, rentals, entertainment, speakers, photography, audio/visual, transportation, attire and more. Assign vendors to details and download printable PDFs. 18 pre-built worksheet templates included.

Collaboration Tools

Multi-User Access

Add unlimited users to your account to collaborate online

Planning Pod is built for collaboration, so we've made it easy to invite other users into your account. Each user has their own login credentials, and multiple users can be working in your account at the same time. You can also set permissions for your user groups to limit access to certain tools or areas of your account (there's even a "View-Only" option).


Centralize event files and link to files in popular applications

Upload, store and share files for each event and organize them into folders. Also add links for quick access to Dropbox files and Google docs. Each file is time-stamped for identifying the most recent version. Accepted file types include .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pdf, .zip, .jpg, .tif, .png, .mov, .eps, .ai, .psd, .html, .txt and more.

Forms Builder

Gather valuable input/feedback from stakeholders, clients and attendees

Get the answers you need to move your events forward by creating customized forms with multiple question types. Collect responses from one or multiple respondents by emailing the form link to them. Respondents can return to partially completed forms to finish. Quickly view and download collated responses. Create and save templates for forms you use frequently.

Messages & Notes

Keep a record of all your event communications and ideas

Whether you're taking meeting notes or trading messages with a team member or client. Whether you're stockpiling ideas or negotiating with a vendor. Our messages and notes tools give you a place to save and share every conversation and thought. Also, our messages tool collects replies so you can view the entire conversation thread.

Vision Board

Brainstorm visually by sharing photos and graphics

With the vision board, you can upload images and pictures and give them titles and descriptions. Then your team members or clients can browse among the images and enter their comments for each image. A great way to share thoughts visually and vet ideas.

Time Tracking

Know exactly how much time is spent planning every event

If you or your team needs to record the time you spend working on your events, this tool lets you account for every minute worked. You can also download time tracking reports (.CSV files) as well as pull time entries into invoices if you need to bill for your time.

Business Management Tools

Lead Tracking

Streamline how you manage your prospects and close more sales

If you run a business that depends on converting leads, our lead tracking tools will keep you focused and organized. Add leads manually or embed our lead collector form into your website's contact page and get notified when leads come in. Create proposals, to-do's and notes for your leads and store files related to a lead. Place holds for specified days/times/venues and set hold expirations.


Impress clients with professional proposals they can sign online

Build colorful, detailed proposals in minutes. Create individual line items with descriptions, quantities, unit costs and more. Create image galleries and attach documents and PDFs. Then email it all to your prospects in a tidy bundle, and collect their electronic signatures. Turn a proposal into an invoice in a single click, and create templates for proposals you use repeatedly.

Invoicing & Payments

Manage all your billing and get paid quickly via credit card

Need an easy way to bill for services or merchandise? Our invoicing tool lets you create customized invoices (with unlimited line items) and then email them directly to your clients/payers. Track single or multiple payments for each invoice and schedule installment payments. Every account is automatically set up to accept credit card payments so you can get paid faster.

Contracts & E-Signatures

Simplify how you prepare contracts and collect signatures

Enabling clients to view and sign your contracts just got a lot easier. Just upload your legal language, then invite a client to review your contract online and sign it electronically. Everything is saved and stored securely - including identifying IP addresses and unique marks/signatures. Download printable PDFs for offline filing. Create templates for contracts you use frequently.

Contacts & Vendors

Store and organize your user, vendor and business contacts

Our contacts tool is the address book for your account where you can store contact details for your users, vendors, clients, members, volunteers and/or business contacts. Create customizable tags for labeling contacts and organizing them into groups, and store files related to each contact. Easily assign contacts to events and add vendors to vendor lists in each event.

Venue Bookings

Enter and easily track venue space/room bookings

Whether you are planning events or running a venue, our venue bookings tools let you add venue space/room details (including photos) to your account and quickly assign spaces/rooms to leads and events. Attach floorplan layout templates to spaces/rooms for easy reference. Set the Calendars tool to "venues" view to see all space/room bookings at-a-glance.

Customization Tools


Save time with our 37 pre-built templates ... or create your own

Create your own reusable templates for things you use over and over again for your events - including floorplans, to-do lists, itineraries, budgets, worksheets, checklists, forms, proposals, invoices and line items (for proposals/invoices). Or use/modify one of our 37 pre-built templates. Just import a template into an event and make your modifications.


See the big picture with sortable, downloadable .CSV reports

You can run 20 comprehensive reports on a variety of metrics, including key event details, venue/space bookings, to-do's, budgets, registration orders, invoices and payments, proposals, leads, vendors, contracts, time tracking, account logs and more. Filter results using a variety of variables, including date range. .CSV downloads compatible with MS Excel and Google Sheets.

PDF & CSV Downloads

Download files that you can email or print out and take with you

There may be times when you need to print out your event data or email it to team members, clients or vendors. So we offer printable PDF files for things like floorplans, budgets, itineraries, to-do lists, attendee lists, name badges and more. You can also download an Event Book PDF to compile details for an entire event. For some tools you can also download .CSV files that open in MS Excel and Google Sheets.

Dashboards & Alerts

Get an at-a-glance overview of what's happening in your events

Every user can customize their home page to get a snapshot of upcoming events, to-do's, appointments, budget payments due and invoices due as well as recent registration activity, incoming leads, account activity and email history. In addition, you can set email alerts for to-do's and appointments to receive automated notifications.

Account Branding

Customize your account with your logo and brand elements

Within minutes you can brand your account for all your users to see. Upload your logo to display on the dashboards of all users and in the headers of all downloadable PDFs. Customize boilerplate email messages and email headers/footers. Choose a background and font that reflects your brand.


Quickly access and share data with other popular applications

Planning Pod offers integrations with Salesforce, Google Gmail/Docs, Dropbox, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Vertical Response, and we are continually adding new integrations.

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